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Company Policy

Our company producing lighting fixtures has always been a pioneer in terms of settling and implementing the principles of the market in the lighting sector in Turkey. These corporate relationships we have established for many years and the satisfaction of our customers are among the reasons why our company is doing business and being preferred. Providing the best product to our customers as promised is the principle of our company from the past and will be one of our reasons for being in the future.

We need to realize the competition in accordance with international standards in order to maintain our presence with the leading identity of our company in the lighting sector, which is in an intense competition environment. Our company has established and implemented the quality, OHS and its environmental policy according to the following principles. 

  • Full customer satisfaction.
  • Trust in trade.
  • Continuous training of staff and equal treatment without discrimination.
  • Providing our products in accordance with standards and rules.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Prevention of pollution.
  • Uncompromising compliance with the laws and regulations we are responsible for.
  • To establish a culture of prevention in a systematic manner by making risk assessments of possible hazardous situations and behaviors within the scope of all our activities.
  • To adopt not to endanger the health and safety of other employees and visitors with the help of necessary informing and training of all employees and interested parties as a basic responsibility.
  • To inform staff about all kinds of health, safety, environment, legal obligations, problems that may arise between the company and the personnel and similar issues through the management.
  • Preventing injuries and health problems, compliance with applicable legal requirements and other conditions that our company undertakes and adopting the responsibilities of employees for continuous improvement.
  • To take all necessary measures to protect the ecological balance and minimize the negative effects during our services.
  • To carry out all the training, announcement and awareness activities necessary for the environmental consciousness to be adopted and to become a life philosophy by all our employees and suppliers of goods and services. To share our knowledge and experience as an example to our competitors, stakeholders, society and other enterprises with our applications in order to contribute to the dissemination of environmental awareness.
  • To decrease the use of natural resources and waste generation, performing the necessary tasks for continuous monitoring and protection of air, soil and water to ensure pollution prevention, to determine environmental dimensions to identify the types and harms of environmental impacts during our activities. 
  • To comply with all the relevant laws and regulations for the environment while performing our duties, to act for the continuous improvement of our environmental health performance, to explain the improvements by determining and reviewing the goals and targets accordingly. 
  • Our company’s Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System Policy.